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Uni students put EV travel to the test with 700-mile trek

Two Durham University students have pushed back the boundaries of electric car travel in the UK on a 700-mile round trip to Cardiff, testing the user experience and gauging cost and CO2 emissions compared to other methods of transport.


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The New Statesman

Will the UKʼs largest smart grid project revolutionise energy policy?

Reproduced with the kind permission of The New Stateman

The Customer-Led Network Revolution is a pioneering smart grid project at the forefront of the move…

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Relationships matter for demand side response

Demand-side response from industrial and commercial customers is a crucial part of the CLNR project. In winter 2011-12, three customer trials were successfully completed – when asked to drop load or to generate, customers did so, which showed that…

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Real-time thermal rating takes the temperature to explore the available headroom of the network

As much as the network revolution is about developing ways to accommodate customer uptake of low carbon technologies, it is also exploring how Northern Powergrid can get the most out of its existing assets. One way is to find…

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A ‘Smart’ Model Network

The Customer-Led Network Revolution team have developed an interactive ‘smart’ electricity network model.

It demonstrates some of the new network technologies and interventions (such as energy storage and demand-side response) CLNR are trialling which could help to manage and moderate…

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CLNR gets ‘Fully Charged’

This episode of Robert Llewellyn’s British Gas sponsored ‘Fully Charged’ show features the Customer-Led Network Revolution project .

Robert Llewellyn of ‘Red Dwarf’ fame, talks to Professor Phil Taylor of Durham University and the Durham Energy Institute to understand more about the Customer-Led Network Revolution, what it will take to achieve a smarter, more flexible grid, opportunities…

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CLNR Newsletter Autumn 2012

As part of our commitment to keeping our valued stakeholders informed about the progress and results from the CLNR project we publish regular newsletters.

In this issue of the CLNR newsletter we look at developments in Real-time Thermal Rating and our customer recruitment activities. We consider why relationships matter for demand-side response, and give a preview of NPADDS, a prototype software tool which could make a huge…

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Customers and Northern Powergrid are working together for the smart grid

Customers are playing a key role in Northern Powergrid’s smart grid project. Two large business contracts have been signed and thousands of residential customers have agreed to take part in a project which paves the way to the electricity network of the future.

Customer participation, both business and residential, is crucial to the success of Northern Powergrid’s ground-breaking project, the Customer-Led Network Revolution, which is part-funded by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund. The aim of the fund, which was established in 2010,…

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British Gas energy trial invitations receive enthusiastic response

British Gas have received a positive response to a letter recruitment campaign aimed at encouraging customers to participate in energy use trials as part of the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) project. Within days of the invitation letter being sent,…

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CLNR Newsletter Spring 2012

As part of our commitment to keeping our valued stakeholders informed about the progress and results from the CLNR project we publish regular newsletters.

In this first issue of the CLNR newsletter we update readers on;

The launch of the CLNR website The work we are doing at Maltby, South Yorkshire where we have a cluster of solar PV users Our plans for effective community engagement The…

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