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Industrial & Commercial Demand Side Response

For these trials a total of 16 I&C customers provided a total of 17MW of demand side response (DSR) to Northern Powergrid through a mix of direct contractual and aggregator arrangements.

What we wanted to find out

We wanted to understand how network operators could strike deals with industrial and commercial customers, both directly and through aggregators, to deliver ancillary DSR services that woukd financially benefit customers whilst helping network operators to manage network constraints and keep future reinforcement costs low.

What we learned

Through our trials we have concluded that I&C DSR can be considered a viable option by DNOs today, to address tomorrow’s forecast network constraints. In addition;

  • We demonstrated overall utilisation reliability – i.e. providers that declared themselves available were able to response when requested to drop load – of ca. 80%
  • We discovered that identifying DSR provision in specific geographical locations was a challenge, requiring DNOs to improve  their engagement techniques in order to seek out and secure available resource
  • We concluded that I&C DSR is fit for business as usual. The main use of DSR by Northern Powergrid in the 2015-23 period is likely to be post-fault response or to manage security of supply at major substations which are occasionally loaded above capacity

For a summary of findings from our trials with industrial and commercial customers, please visit our conclusions page. Some of the key learning documents from our trials are listed below; further datasets, analysis and project outputs can be found by searching the project library.

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