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Trials with Domestic Customers

Domestic Trial

About our Trials with Domestic Customers

More than 13,000 GB electricity customers took part in the Customer-Led Network Revolution project. The vast majority were British Gas residential customers, many of whom had low carbon technlogies like solar panels, heat pumps and electric vehicles. We also studied smart meter data from thousands of domestic customers, collecting valuable data on current and emerging customer load and generation profiles and used this to make recommendations to update industry network planning standards.

Trials with SME customers

SME Trial

About our Trials with SME customers

There has been little research into how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute to network load or the ways in which they can help to shift their demand out of peak. The CLNR project worked with a number of SME customers, generating important new learning about this particular customer group.


Trials with I&C and distributed generation customers

Industrial Trial

About our Trials with I&C and distributed generation customers

We worked with a range of industrial and commercial (I&C) customers and other heavy users of electricity to trial demand side management propositions. Sixteen I&C customers provided a total of 17MW of demand side response, through a mix of direct contractual and aggregator arrangements. A small number of distributed generation (DG) customers were also studied to better understand how generators contribute to network security.


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