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Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference 2014

Location: Aberdeen, UK

The 2014 Low Carbon Network Innovation (LCNI) conference took place 20-22 October in Aberdeen. The event is organised by the Energy Networks Association on behalf of Ofgem and UK Electricity and Gas network operators and showcases the critical innovation…

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Smart Grid Forum (WS6) I&C Demand Side Response Day

Location: London, UK

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Smart Grid Forum (WS6) Consumer Demand Side Response Day

Location: London, UK

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Smart grid project releases new data on consumer energy consumption

New data that shows the electricity consumption and generation patterns of more than 12,000 UK customers has been published by the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR).

Domestic and business customers were monitored over a two-year period to produce industry-leading research into current, emerging and possible future electricity load and generation patterns.

Thousands of the customers taking part in the project had smart meters which provide accurate…

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Are solar PV owners in the dark about the value of the power they generate?

The CLNR project investigates whether solar PV owners would benefit from using more of the energy they generate instead of exporting it back to the grid.

New academic research has shown that UK consumers with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology are often too focused on the financial benefits of selling the electricity they generate back to the grid when they could be using more of it…

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ENA Licenced Network Operators Knowledge Sharing Day

Location: London, UK

Energy & Climate Change Committee on electricity demand-side measures

Portcullis House, Westminster, London, UK

On the 2nd September 2014, Northern Powergrid gave evidence to the Energy & Climate Change Select Committee on demand-side response (DSR), including evidence from the Customer-Led Network Revolution project’s DSR trials with domestic and industrial customers.

Watch the…

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IMechE Conference: Energy Storage 2014 – An integrated approach

Location: Birmingham, UK

The Electricity Storage Network reported that the application of energy storage technologies for renewable sources could potentially generate a total systems saving of £10billion per year by 2050. Investing in renewable energy storage solutions in the UK…

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NEA Annual Conference 2014

Location: Scarborough, UK

National Energy Action (NEA) is the national charity which aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor and vulnerable. They are also…

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Customer Case Study: Solar PV with in-premises balancing trials

There’s a new breed of energy consumer not only ready to tackle their bills but to go one step further with innovative ways to embrace home electricity generation. With the help of the Customer-Led Network Revolution, ‘Energy Citizens’ are leading the way.

Sheffield technology teacher Paul Johansson, 53, has always been interested in generating his own electricity, but in the past found it prohibitively expensive to buy and install. Now, he and his family are taking part in the largest smart grid…

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