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The Customer-Led Network Revolution has achieved a major project milestone. Two key test bed networks in Northumberland and Darlington are now being fully monitored and controlled by the active network management system developed for the project GUS (Grand Unified Scheme). GUS is managing voltages on a section of the electricity network – the Denwck sub-system- in rural Northumberland and thermal constraints on the Rise Carr sub-system in Darlington. This includes five of our six electrical energy storage batteries which have capacities from 100kWh to 5MWh.

GUS is considered to be one of the most sophisticated active network management system in use in the UK today. It uses a combination of real-time modelling to identify constraints and real-time optimisation to select the most appropriate solution, helping us to create a smarter powergrid.

Led by Northern Powergrid, in partnership with British Gas, Durham University, Newcastle University and EA Technology, the CLNR project is trialling innovative smart grid technology at strategic points across the Northern Powergrid network and working with thousands of customers, many of whom have homes and businesses equipped with smart meters, solar panels, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points. Learning from the CLNR project will be shared with all UK network operators, to help them find the most cost-effective ways to rise to the challenges presented by the low carbon future

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