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Document Number CLNR-L119

Date Posted 29-Dec 2014

CLNR Trial Analysis: EES1 and EAVC1 with GUS Voltage Control


This report details the analysis of voltage control trials, using the VEEEG methodology, of the collaborative operation of the GUS controlled primary transformer EHV/HV transformer tapchanger (EAVC1) and the 2.5MW/5.0MWh EES unit (EES1) installed at the Rise Carr substation.

The collaborative operation of EAVC1 and EES1 units have been evaluated under two criteria, tap operation reduction and the capability of the network to accommodate low carbon technologies (LCTs). This has been achieved by using a validated IPSA2 Rise Carr network model and a combination of real load data from the CLNR trials, data from the CLNR domestic LCT customer trials and prior literature.

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