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Document Number CLNR-L048

Date Posted 2-Dec 2013

DNO knowledge sharing event: Network trials presentation


Representatives from all six UK electricity distribution network operators attended our 2013 CLNR smart grid knowledge sharing event, where Northern Powergrid and partners shared the latest learning from a range of innovative network technology trials.

More than fifty industry colleagues and stakeholders joined us to learn more about our CLNR network technology trials.  Part of the day involved a tour of our energy storage installations, including our 2.5 MVA battery in Darlington, currently one of the largest installed and commissioned electrical energy storage battery in Europe. Electrical energy storage is just one of the new smart grid technologies we are trialling as part of the CLNR project. Delegates also got an early look at some projects outputs with a live demonstration of the NPADDS network planning and design tool and an overview of the GUS active network management system

 You can download and share the slide set presented on the day and watch a video of the event on this page.

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