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Document Number CLNR-L221

Date Posted 31-Dec 2014

CLNR Learning Credits System


In order to ensure maximum learning from the network trials of the CLNR we have developed a “Learning Credits” system that quantifies the learning achieved from trials.

This ensures maximises the learning from the trials during the trial programme. A few of the key rules of the system are summarised below:

  • The learning credits system acknowledges the importance of the first trial of a piece of a network intervention to achieve a specific control objective e.g. voltage or powerflow control on a network. Further trials of the same intervention on other areas of network have a lower learning credit value.
  • Combinations of two or more network interventions trialled to achieve a specific control objective are worth more (a control objective might be voltage control or powerflow management). However, if the network interventions are not previously individually trialled on their own a penalty on the value of the learning credits for the trial, reflecting the uncertainty potentially introduced.
  • Where a combination of control objectives are being trialled these trials will be worth more than the learning credits of single network management objective trials, reflecting the value of understanding how to simultaneously achieve multiple control objectives.

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