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Document Number CLNR-L223

Date Posted 31-Mar 2015

CLNR Post Trial Analysis – Residential DSR for Powerflow Management


This report describes the results of demand side response (DSR) trials carried out with residential customers located throughout the Northern Powergrid region which were called by the CLNR active network management (ANM) system known as GUS. The results of these trials are applied in simulation to the CLNR test-bed network at Rise Carr, and are used to draw conclusions of relevance to the UK as a whole.

As the distribution networks where GUS has been deployed have been selected to be robust, thermal overloads were highly unlikely to occur during the trial. As per the CLNR trial design methodology, the thermal limits of the transformer were tightened to stimulate the required response in order to study the entire system from detection of thermal limit violation, the decision making in the GUS system, actuation by the GUS system and the actual DSR responses observed at the appliance level. The trials therefore demonstrate how DSR can be fully integrated with a distribution network management system which utilises transformer ratings to evaluate its control actions.

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