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Document Number CLNR-L088

Date Posted 30-Dec 2014

Datasets: Business (I&C) Impact of the 2010 Tariff Reform North East & Yorkshire


Datasets showing the April 2010 Tariff Reform analysis  for the North East & Yorkshire regions, download the zip files using the links below;
Dataset for TC7 (North East)
Dataset for TC7 (Yorkshire)

Description: Analysis of half-hourly customer consumption patterns to understand whether the April 2010 tariff reform, which led to the introduction of the red, amber, green time-of-use (ToU) pricing signals in the common distribution charging methodology (CDCM), has had any impact on the behaviour of customer electricity consumption patterns.
Purpose: To determine whether the sharper price signals resulting from the introduction of the CDCM has had any effect on how half-hourly metered customers consume electricity throughout the day.
Customer numbers: 536 (North East) 660 (Yorkshire)
Data Source: Half-hourly metered customers data for industrial & commercial customers in the Northern Powergrid (North East & Yorkshire) area for the year before and the year after the introduction of the CDCM.

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