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Document Number CLNR-L212

Date Posted 29-Dec 2014

Dataset (TC2aHW+SH): Enhanced profiling of domestic customers electric hot water immersion heating & storage heating


This dataset forms part of a comprehensive suite of results, derived from the CLNR project’s trials with more than 13,000 UK electricity customers. The dataset is presented in an open and usable format, use the button opposite to download and save the zip. file.

The zip file contains the following xls. files
dataset TC2aHW+SH


Description: Monitoring of cumulative energy consumption of a storage heating circuit as well as cumulative energy consumption of an immersion heater through an Economy 7/10 tariff as well as outside of Economy 7/10 hours through the boost facility
Purpose: Given the lack of industry data, this allows network operator to understand in more detail the consumption profile of immersion heaters and storage heaters and whether this matches the   existing Economy seven tariffs
Customer numbers: Up to 14 customers at a time – see report for an explanation of why substantial data cleaning has been required
Data Source: Monitoring installed by PassivSystems for CLNR

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