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Document Number CLNR-L076

Date Posted 29-Aug 2014

Dataset (TC4): Enhanced Profiling of Domestic Customers with Micro-CHP


This dataset forms part of a comprehensive suite of results, derived from the CLNR project’s trials with more than 12,000 UK electricity customers. The August 2014 published datasets cover both load and generation profiles, as well as the potential for customer flexibility. The dataset is presented in an open and usable format.

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TC4 Dataset

Description: Provides real world micro-CHP boiler electricity consumption data.
Purpose: Allows network operator to understand in more detail the pattern of use that micro-CHP units exhibit and their power consumption in real world scenarios.
Customer numbers: Aggregated and averaged data for up to 11 customers from November 2012 to March 2014
Data Source: Secondary meter on main supply (10 min import/export), μCHP in-line monitor (10 min)

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