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Document Number CLNR-L163

Date Posted 15-Dec 2014

Lessons Learned Report: Electrical Energy Storage


This report presents a comprehensive overview of lessons learned during the specification, procurement, installation and commissioning of six electrical energy storage (EES) devices for the Customer-Led Network Revolution project. It is intended for use by distribution network operators and other interested parties who are considering embarking on or undertaking similar projects.

Each of the six EES units has been operated to provide thermal, voltage and reactive power support to the Northern Powergrid distribution network, operated both remotely via the CLNR Active Network Management System GUS, and as part of an autonomous intelligent substation.

Throughout the CLNR project, an enormous amount of experience and knowledge has been gained about installing and operating Electrical Energy Storage devices. This report documents the challenges which have arisen and notes the lessons learned, both where challenges would be approached differently in future and where challenges were overcome well. This report is structured to group Lessons Learned within the stages of the project lifecycle to which they apply.


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