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Document Number CLNR-L262

Date Posted 26-Feb 2015

Lessons Learned Report: Customer Trial Equipment Installations


The Customer-Led Netork Revolution project was designed to better understand ways to manage the introduction of low carbon technologies like solar PV, heat pumps and electric vehicles and ensure customers continue to receive a safe, secure and affordable electricity supply now, and in a low-carbon future.


It aimed to achieve its outcomes through monitoring and interventions in different ‘test cells’. Each test cell had a number of different variables based on low carbon technology installed, type of tariff, degree of monitoring, restricted/direct control of electricity using appliances and customer demographics. In particular the focus was on monitoring of electricity use in homes and businesses, monitoring of low carbon technologies, and trialling of demand-side response (DSR) 1technologies

This review by Sustainability First focuses on the successes, challenges and lessons learned from the installation process during the CLNR residential and SME trials. It also considers implications for future smart meter rollout, smart grid development and the deployment of low carbon technologies. It is based on desk-based research and discussions with staff members from British Gas who had responsibility for project delivery, including installations, working with installation partners as needed.

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