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Document Number CLNR-L220

Date Posted 24-Dec 2014

Overview of Network Flexibility Trial Design for CLNR


A review of active network/smart grid trial design and existing relevant active network management trials and pilot programs is required to enable development of network flexibility field trials for the Customer-Led Network Revolution project. This review will enable development of a suite of trial designs to enable systematic evaluation of the smart grid technologies and schemes to be implemented as part of CLNR’s Learning Outcome 3 and also test cells 14 and 18 from Learning Outcome 2. The trials will enable an evaluation of the possible network flexibility available as a result of the deployment of these technologies.

Methodology and assumptions are detailed in this report. This is followed by a review of the learning required from and the network interventions/technologies and control system architecture that will be deployed as part of CLNR. A review of the relevant active network/smart grid demonstration networks with a focus on the learning required and the proposed control system architecture is presented in section 4. Section 5 introduces some generic requirements and evaluation criteria for network flexibility field trials. Finally, section 6 describes initial guidelines for the implementation of all field trials to be deployed as part of the investigation into network flexibility as part of the CLNR


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