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Document Number CLNR-L261

Date Posted 26-Feb 2015

Test cell report: Baseline SME profiles & SME customer sub-group analysis


This document details the final analysis of Test Cell 1b, which is the SME baseline dataset and adds to previous work in December 2012 and April 2013, which explored some of the early findings of the CLNR trials. The dataset for this test cell was separately published in August 2014.  (CLNR-L073: Test Cell 1b Dataset: Basic profiling of SME customers)

Test Cell 1b collected electricity usage statistics from over 1500 SME customers across business sectors and creates an overall picture of current SME electrical consumption in the UK. No interventions were applied to TC1b, allowing this to be used as the control group or baseline against which the impacts of interventions (such as low carbon technology or Time of Use tariffs) applied to other SME test cells, can be compared.

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