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Document Number CLNR-L028

Date Posted 10-Jun 2013

CIRED 2013: A network planning and design decision support tool for integration of low carbon technologies and solutions


The predicted penetration rates of low carbon technologies for heating and transport will place additional stresses on planning and design activity within Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

DNOs are obliged to provide cost-effective solutions for network reinforcement and designers are faced with the complexities of new technology and a rapidly changing use of the electricity network, particularly at low voltage. Performing network assessments and identifying the most feasible solution places a significant resource burden on network operators.

This paper provides an overview of a Network Planning and Design Decision Support (NPADDS) tool which is being developed as part of the UK’s Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) smart grid project. The tool is demonstrated by performing an assessment of a network area based on a range of low carbon technology penetration scenarios for which it proposes solutions based on a database of historical or anticipated costs and benefits.

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