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Document Number CLNR-L044

Date Posted 12-Jul 2012

CLNR 2012 DNO knowledge sharing forum


View the slide sets presented at the Customer-Led Network Revolution DNO knowledge sharing event which took place at Durham University on 12th July 2012.

Topics covered on the day by key members of the project team from Northern Powergrid, British Gas, Durham University and EA Technology include;

  • Monitoring – how data capture leads to product optimisation
  • Energy storage – trials and tribulations of full procurement; is full procurement the way forward for trials and learning?
  • Real Time Thermal Ratings – tomorrow’s training material; how do you introduce these concepts to people?
  • Enhanced Automatic Voltage Control – power is simplicity
  • CLNR Grand Unified Scheme (GUS) Control System – what are the benefits and how can it be implemented?
  • Network field trials – the art of effective design
  • Extracting learning from the trials (VEEEG methodology)
  • IPR and dissemination- challenge and complexity of management
  • Customer and generation profiles – analysing today’s consumers and suppliers
  • The network designer’s toolkit (NPADDS)
  • Social learning – the socio-technical approach

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