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Document Number CLNR-G010

Date Posted 12-Sep 2012

CLNR customer engagement plan


This document sets out the Customer-Led Network Revolution customer engagement strategy.

The Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) is a collaborative project undertaken by Northern Powergrid, British Gas, Durham Energy Institute (Durham University) and EA Technology. Over a four-year period Northern Powergrid and its partners will trial smart-grid solutions on the electricity distribution network as well as creating smart-enabled homes to give customers more flexibility over the way they use and generate electricity.

The project is based in the Northern Powergrid distribution services area covering the Northeast, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire and will involve residential customers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and some larger industrial and commercial customers across urban and rural geographies. The project will put customers in major cities like Durham, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield, as well as those in some of the more sparsely populated parts of the country, at the forefront of the low carbon agenda.

Although the intention was originally to focus attention solely on British Gas’s customers in the Northern Powergrid licence area, we now know there to be insufficient numbers of such customers with the relevant characteristics for some aspects of the project. There may therefore be a need to engage directly with customers who buy their electricity from another supplier. In some cases of extreme customer scarcity (e.g. heat pumps and electric vehicles), it may also be necessary to recruit trial participants (both British Gas and non-British Gas customers) from outside of the trial’s core geographical area, to ensure that meaningful learning outcomes can be achieved.

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