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Document Number CLNR-L012

Date Posted 30-Apr 2013

Initial load profiles from CLNR intervention trials


This document is the second interim report on the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) load and generation monitoring trials and feeds into Learning Outcome 2 .

The first report, ‘CLNR-L010 – Initial load and generation profiles from CLNR monitoring trials’ described preliminary results from Learning Outcome 1 and discussed the load and generation of customers on the general monitoring trials. This second report adds to the previous document by describing initial data collected from some of the Learning Outcome 2 intervention trials; specifically, those involving customers on a Time of Use tariffs and those engaging with in-premises solar photovoltaic (PV) balancing.

The primary purpose of this report is to give an early summary view of the data collected from the intervention trials to date, and to show some illustrative load and generation profiles from the customer groupings in the trials. The report also presents some preliminary conclusions and proposes areas of interest for follow-up work and more detailed analysis. The load profiles presented will be of interest to distribution network engineers and designers, as well as DNO operations as a whole, academic bodies and the wider energy industry.

Specifically, the information presented here will be used to direct further work on developing profiles before and after interventions, with a view to updating network design tools. This update will cover both datasets such as the profiles in ACE 49 & 105 and also the cost/benefit assessment used in NPADDS and TRANSFORM®. The datasets can also used to update TRANSFORM®.

It must be noted that this report is an interim document that is primarily observational and describes a limited amount of data collected from a selection of CLNR trials in progress. Readers should not rely on this data to support investment and other decisions. Future reports will describe data from the other trials not covered here and present more detailed analytical investigations, and a full report on the monitoring and intervention trials will be published as part of the project closedown report.

This report is accompanied by a series of datasets (CLNR-L013) in Excel spreadsheet form which contain the derived load profiles and additional explanatory data. These datasets are provided in an open and usable format for use by other distribution network operators and researchers.

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