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Document Number CLNR-L036

Date Posted 24-Jul 2013

Lessons learned from trial recruitment: Customer-Led Network Revolution trials


The Customer-Led Network Revolution is a major collaborative project undertaken by Northern Powergrid, British Gas, Durham University and EA Technology and funded by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund.

The project is trialling smart-grid solutions on the electricity distribution network. The trials are being conducted through 22 ‘test cells’ or customer groups, each testing different variables based on the low carbon technology installed, type of tariff, degree of monitoring, external ‘control’ over electricity usage, and customer demographics.

Customers were recruited onto the trials using a variety of methods, including direct marketing campaigns, both opt-in and opt-out, as well as through developing partnerships with local communities and social landlords. This paper by Sustainability First provides a brief account of the notable successes and key challenges encountered by British Gas in recruitment of domestic and SME customers to the CLNR trials.

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