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Document Number CLNR-L135

Date Posted 29-Dec 2014

CLNR Trial Analysis: Collaborative Voltage Control on HV and LV Networks


This report explans the projected proliferation of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs), such as wind generation, Photovoltaic (PV) generation, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps (HPs), is anticipated to result in a paradigm shift in the use of electricity in distribution networks.

This will in turn bring new challenges for distribution network operators (DNOs). A key objective of this project is to investigate how smart grid interventions such as Electrical Energy Storage (EES), DSR, HV regulator, HV/LV on load tapchanging transformers and coordinated control systems can be used to facilitate the connection of LCTs in distribution networks. A hierarchical control system, known internally as GUS (Grand Unified System), has been deployed to enable evaluation of advanced distribution network management systems (ADNMS) in particular to evaluate enhanced automatic voltage control (EAVC) for distribution networks.

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