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The CLNR project brought together for the first time key stakeholders in the energy industry - customers, suppliers and distributors - to develop innovative solutions that address future network constraints together.

One of the most significant smart grid projects ever undertaken in the UK, the CLNR project has generated important new learning on technology deployment and customers energy practices that has enabled Northern Powergrid to develop a route map to guide the development of smart technology to systems to 2050.

The CLNR project put customers at the heart of the smart grid. More than 13,000 GB electricity customers took part, generating important new leading from trials with real customers on real networks. The knowledge gained on this project will help to accelerate the widespread uptake of low carbon technologies like solar PV and electric vehicles and will give customers more choice over how they consume and generate electricity. It will act as a springboard for Northern Powergrid, its partners and the energy industry as a whole, to drive forward the development of a smarter powergrid that ensures customers continue to receive a safe, secure and affordable supply of electricity, both now and in the low carbon future.

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