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The Customer-Led Network Revolution was one of the largest smart grid demonstration projects ever undertaken in the UK. 13,000 GB electricity customers took part, generating important new learning from trials with real customers on real networks. We are pleased to make available the data from this ambitious trial for further research and analysis.

The original data from our network trials and post-analysis data from our customer trials has been published on our project library.

We can also provide the original data from the customer trials, free of charge, under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence which requires that any work based on the data should attribute the Customer-Led Network Revolution project and all its partners.

This is anonymised disaggregated data (i.e. data on a per customers basis) from our trials with domestic and SME customers. This data comprises of electricity consumption and PV generation for individual customers, and allied information about the customer, the tariff and the technology being studied. Data is provided in a CSV format with accompanying documentation. For a detailed definition of the data that is available, please see our data description document.

The following data is available after completing a small form:

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