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The Customer-Led Network Revolution was one of the flagship projects funded under regulator Ofgem's Low Carbon Network (LCN) Fund, which aimed to kick start the radical change needed to make the UK's low carbon energy sector a reality.

Greater use of renewable energy sources and the electricification of heating and transport are central to UK government plans to reduce carbon emmissions by 80% by 2050.  UK electricity networks will need to ready to support the widespread uptake by customers of new sources of generation and electricity-intensive low carbon technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps.

Traditionally, electricity network operators have dealt with new demands placed on the powergrid by reinforcing the network. The CLNR project explored smarter alternatives and was driven by Northern Powergrid’s overarching goal of understanding how to deliver maximum network capacity, at the least possible cost to customers.

The project delivered, generating significant new findings from trials with real customers on real networks. We are proactively sharing the learning from this project with our industry peers to drive forward the development of a smarter powergrid and ensure UK electricity networks can rise to the challenges presented by the low carbon future.


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