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Document Number CLNR-L122

Date Posted 29-Dec 2014

CLNR Trial Analysis: EES3 Autonomous Voltage Control


The work detailed in this document is conducted using the IPSA2 models from Mortimer Road network to evaluate the capability of an electrical energy storage (EES) unit designated EES3 (50kVA, 100kWh), located towards the end of an LV network, in autonomous voltage control.

This has been achieved using validated network models and a combination of real and synthesised load and generation data. These network models have been previously developed and validated using SCADA and iHost data from the CLNR project. This model has been extended by the addition of a detailed LV network model using Northern Powergrid supplied data. The load data for the VEEEG study cases are derived from actual data from the FDWH (Flexible Data Warehouse) and iHost. This is supplemented, in order to create realistic future scenarios, with load profiles derived through analysis of smart meter measurements, of 9000 customers, and LCT profiles derived from salient literature and real data from LO1 trials.

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