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Document Number CLNR-L214

Date Posted 28-Dec 2014

Dataset (TC9b): SME smart meter customers on time of use tariffs


This dataset forms part of a comprehensive suite of results, derived from the CLNR project’s trials with more than 13,000 UK electricity customers. The dataset is presented in an open and usable format, use the button opposite to download and save the zip. file.

The zip. contains the following xls. files:
dataset TC9b

Description: Monitoring of customers smart meter (enhanced) with 3-rate Time-of-Use tariff
Purpose: Testing the impact of Time-of-Use pricing designed to encourage customers to move energy usage away from network peaks (principally 4pm – 8pm weekdays)
Customer numbers: Up to 11
Data Source: Whole premises (MPAN-level) data from G4S

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