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Document Number CLNR-L243

Date Posted 22-Jan 2015

High Level Summary of Learning: Domestic Smart Meter Customers on Time of Use Tariffs


This report presents the key messages from the final analysis of the time of use (ToU) tariff trial group in the Customer-Led Network Revolution monitoring trials. It presents outputs from a significant study of household electricity use and ToU tariff behaviour in the UK and provides integrated socio-technical analysis on the basis of interdisciplinary multi-method research. The aim of this research has been to study how smart grid interventions might be designed and implemented and to understand social responses to such interventions.

A total of 628 participants in ToU trial (Test Cell 9a) volunteered to undertake a trial of a three band static time of use tariff and were equipped with an in-home display unit which provided a near real time signal of their current electricity load through a traffic light system and retrospective visualisations of gas and electricity consumption.

Participants in the control trial were also equipped with smart meters and the same in-home display units as the participants in Test Cell 1a (the baseline domestic profile control group,). The rates and time bands of the tariff are shown in Table 1. While the trial of the tariff ran for almost two years, this report analyses the data gathered for the 12 months of the trial (October 2012 – September 2013) when the largest number of participants’ energy consumption records could be analysed


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