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Electrical Energy Storage

We sited six energy storage batteries, at stratgic rural and urban locations across the Northern Powergrid network, to assess the value of electrical energy storage as part of an overall smart grid solution.

What we wanted to find out

Electrical energy storage (EES) is of interest to network operators for a number of reasons; from the capital costs of managing peak demand, to the potential to increase network efficiency and assist with the network integration of renewable energy sources.

Through our CLNR trials we have demonstrated how electrical energy storage can be used as an effective form of demand side management when used together with customer flexibility. We have shown that EES and DSR can provide similar systems benefits, can be combined efficiently to commercial advantage and can be driven through a single, well-designed control system.


What we achieved

The Customer-Led Network Revolution was one of the most extensive network technology projects ever undertaken by a DNO. We operated over 200 network trials integrating smart grid network technologies with customer demand side response under the control of a sophisticated Active Network Management control system deployed for the project.

Through the learning from CLNR, Northern Powergrid have been able to develo a route map to guide the development of smart grid technology and systems to 2050. The project has delivered significant learning and leaves a comprehensive legacy including;

  • A suite of datasets demonstrating the performance of all the network technology solutions trialled, this has been made available to researchers and our DNO colleagues
  • Cost and benefits analysis for all the solutions trialled, presented in the industry standard templates for use in the industry Transform™ model
  • Recommendations to update UK electricity industry technical network planning standards
  • Insights into potential future solutions and learning on the practicalities of delivering end-to-end solutions that are compatible with customer needs
  • A comprehsive DNO toolbox with practical ‘how to’ guidance including the prototype NPADDS(Network Planning and Design Decision Support) tool, policy and technical recommendations, application guides for equipment, trainig materials and lessons learned reports

Some of the key learning documents from our network trials are listed below; datasets and further trial analysis reports can be accessed using the advanced search function on the project library.

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